Is Somalian Oscar Nominee Barkhad Abdi Broke?

By on March 5, 2014

Somalian-American Barkhad Abdi got his foot into Hollywood's door with the movie Captain Phillips starring alongside Hollywood heavy weight, Tom Hanks. The movie scored him an Oscar best supporting actor nomination but he lost to Jared Leto (who won for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club).

The New Yorker reported this week that the 28 year old actor is struggling financially. He was said to have received $65,000 for his role in Captain Phillips which is $5,000 more than the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) required minimum of $60,000. The movie however has grossed over $200 million in sales. The production company which produced the movie reportedly provided Abdi with clothes and a car for offical publicity appointments. However, when the movie ended, he returned to Minneapolis to work at his family member's phone shop.

People magazine also shared the story on their facebook page and got a variety of responses from their mostly American audience. The common thread was that most thought Abdi should be grateful for receiving $65,000 as a first time actor. Others thought he deserved to be paid more as he was the face of the movie. Still yet, others thought Tom Hanks was the one who drew in the movie audiences.

What are your thoughts? Should Abdi have been paid more for his role? In case you missed the movie trailer, here it is below….

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