Payback: The Movie

By on January 21, 2014
Playback the movie poster
Cinematographer/Producer Christopher Okonkwo returns to the helm of Nollywood film making with this ensemble dramatic love story starring actor/director Best Davis, actress Desarray A. and actor Montel Swaray. The story which centers on a beautiful college student who finds herself romantically torn between a head-strong college student, played by Swaray and a underhanded businessman, played by Davis. The pair just so happen to be longtime feuding brothers. Trapped in the middle and forced to choose between the man she loved and the man she married, Desarray’s character is confronted by lies, schemes and heartbreak.
Payback is a film about one man’s mission to win back the heart of the woman he loved and lost while he brings down the man responsible for years of hurt and pain. Also featuring an ensemble cast Paula Obaseki, Obi Bright Daniel, Ifeoma Orji, Fatima M Cisse, and introducing Zazue Soumani.
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