Brandy Norwood’s Pictures of Abidjan Cause Uproar!

By on November 30, 2013
Brandy in outfit

Award winning American R&B powerhouse, Brandy Norwood is in Abidjan, Ivory Coast for a show. During her time in the West African country, she has shared some interesting pictures from her trip with her fans on instagram. What is even more interesting is the kind of uproar that has ensued since she posted the pictures.

Some of her African fans expressed their dismay via their comments to the pictures. One fan stated "Don't be fooled this is not how all of Africa looks! Brandy just decided to post pics of the slum! I am so disappointed!" Another said… "she could have gone to developed places like South Africa… I hate it when people only show the poor side of Africa. Its annoying as f**k. Seriously. Africa is a CONTINENT , it has COUNTRIES IN IT, like Asia for example. So not every single country looks like this. Its just the f**king media who decides to do this s**t . Book a ticket to.Cape Town, South Africa or Namibia. Mixed races and very developed!!! You will be surprised. Infact, South Africa isn't even considered a third world country. Its getting past that!!"

Her American fans also shared their comments…"Wow! You people are a mess. Please tell me how the 9 pictures @4everbrandy has posted reflects the financial situation of Africa? Because she showed a picture of some nappy headed little boys? Are their not nappy headed little boys in Africa? Give me a freaking break. She could've taken these pictures in Jersey. As a matter of fact they look like my little cousins. She is simply sharing her experience. This is how she is seeing Africa right now, how dare you, just because you're African, tell her how to have her experience. As an African American when I look at the 9 pictures I see humility, simplicity, culture, beauty, love. I don't see what y'all see. It sounds like y'all embarrassed that there is poverty in Africa. There is poverty everehere! Wtf! And what the hell does "biracial" have to do with African pride??? Them Afrikaans in south Africa would implement the institution of apartheid again, tomorrow if they thought the south Africans wouldn't kill for their freedom. If you want the world to see Africa differently, educate them. Don't criticize them. Post pictures on your own damn page about your beautiful country and don't tell people what pictures to take when they spend their money to come there. I hope brandy keep posting her pictures cause she is putting together a story of HER experience not yours"

Wow! What a heated debate! What do you think? Do you think the pictures show the beauty of Africa or exploits its financial wellbeing? Take a look at the pics below and share your thoughts.Feet of African Kids


Brandy with kids in backgroundAfrican kidsBrandy Art


Brandy Feet

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