David Oyelowo Does A Nigerian Accent On Oprah’s Next Chapter

By on September 8, 2013

Shortly before the release of Lee Daniels' movie, 'The Butler', Oprah Winfrey had some of the cast members on her show 'Next Chapter' to discuss the movie's impact. She commenced the show with director Lee Daniels and lead actor Forest Whitaker.

Fellow actor David Oyelowo who plays Oprah's and Forest's son in the movie, joins them on the set some minutes into the discussion. Oprah joyfully welcomed him and asks him what his mother's reaction was after he told her Oprah would be his mother in the movie. His response was absolutely hilarious!

Take a look at the clip below to see Oyelowo's very funny impression of his mother's Nigerian accent…

The movie has been doing quite well at the box office. At opening weekend 3 weeks ago, it racked in almost $25 million and took the top honor of the number 1 spot! So far, it has reached an estimated $85 million!

To find out more about David Oyelowo, check out our story posted the weekend the movie opened.


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