British-Nigerian Actor David Oyelowo Stars In The Butler Alongside Oprah

By on August 18, 2013
david oyo

David Oyelowo is quickly making a name for himself in Hollywood. Born in England to Nigerian parents, he was studying theatre studies when his teacher noticed his talent and suggested he get into acting. Since then, David has gone on to do many blockbuster films including The Last King of Scotland, The Help, Lincoln and recently, The Butler. He is married to Jessica Oyelowo, an English actress. They live in Los Angeles, California with their four children.

The Butler is a movie directed by Lee Daniels and is an American historical drama centered around the life of a butler (played by award winning actor Forest Whitaker) who has served seven presidents in the White House. Oyelowo plays Whitaker's rebellious son who is all out to fight for racial equality. His role showcases him as a teenager and is quite convincing.

Oprah Winfrey plays his mom in her first movie role since The Color Purple! Oyelowo mentioned in an interview with BBC America, that "…she’s not there doing whatever you deem to be ‘the Oprah Winfrey thing.’ She’s all about the work, and she’s all about just being a human being on the set, as opposed to an icon or whatever.” Check out a clip from the Oyelowo interview below.

The movie opened in US movie theatres this weekend and is getting somewhat okay reviews. Other celebrities who star in it include Jane Fonda, Maria Carey and John Cusack. All in all, Nigerians celebrate their own! Though he may be considered "British", his last name is Nigerian and so we claim him as ours! Congrats David!























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