Two Mandela Movies in the Same Year!

By on August 11, 2013

Later this year, in the fall, two movies will be released honoring the lives of Winnie & Nelson Mandela. The couple divorced almost 20 years ago but the impact their lives have had will continue to be felt for generations yet unborn. Both now aged, Nelson Madela had been hospitalized a number of times in recent months. Top world leaders have called for an international Mandela Day to be enacted to honor his legacy.

Winnie on the other hand, has had her share of controversies. Some criticized her for her alleged involvement in several human rights abuses including the 1998 kidnapping and murder of a 14 year old ANC activist. Years later in 2003, she was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Currently a member of the South African parliament, Winnie Mandela is revered by her supporters who refer to her as 'Mother of Africa'. Though her marriage to Nelson Mandela ended in divorce in 1996, through their struggles during the anti-apartheid movement, their love prevailed. Winnie waited for Mandela for 27 years! 27 years while he was imprisoned. She endured hardship during the time; a great deal of sacrifice. The demise of their marriage brought an end to one of the greatest spousal partnerships in history. Its quite sad that it endured those 27 years only to fizzle out after Mr. Mandela was released.

It is fitting then that such a great partnership be honored with movie titles in their names. American movie producers are releasing the movies starring award winning actors Idris Alba and Jennifer Hudson. There has been criticism that the use of Hollywood actors to portray South African movies will produce a counter-productive effect on the nation's movie industry. However, the movie trailer seem to do the icons justice. Take a look below and the official trailer of both movies.

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