Did Social Media Pressure Peter ‘PSquare’ Okoye to Propose?

By on August 9, 2013

It's no longer news that Peter Okoye of PSquare and long time girlfriend, now fiancee, Lola Omotayo are engaged! The question now is…did social media pressure Peter Okoye to propose? Not too long ago, social media went berserk over an interview Lola did with a news outlet. During the interview, she talked about a lot of women being "greedy and lazy; so they just want to get married and stop working". The interview caused a social media firestorm regarding the couple's delay in tying the knot despite their long term relationship and two children. The backlash prompted both Lola and Peter to respond via twitter.

Lola went on to tweet that she chose to be with Peter "ring or no ring" while Peter defended his woman. He stated that she accepted him when he had nothing and as such, herespects her for that. Social media kingdom commended Peter for standing up for Lola but did not back peddle on the fact that he needed to 'put a ring on it'.

Fast forward a little over a month and voila, Peter has popped the question! Not only did he pop the question, he did it in grand style – with a brand new Range Rover and flowers. By the way, it seems to be the new trend among Nigerian male celebrities – giving automobile as gifts to their female partner.

That being said, I guess only Peter knows why it suddenly became the 'right time' to pop the question not long after the backlash. On the other hand, it does go to show how powerful social media has become. Fans and critics have a worldwide stage to voice their opinions be it positive or negative. Sometimes such opinions can lead to actions taking place – a possibility in this case, the Peter/Lola engagement.

All in all, we wish Peter and Lola the very best; and hopefully they do plan a wedding in the near future. (#just saying since he is already referring to her as Mrs. Okoye) What do you think? Did social media have a role in this?




















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