The Sexy, Vibrant Style of Kaela Kay!

By on July 26, 2013

With no formal training in fashion, Catherine Addai created fashion label – Kaela Kay. Named after her daughter, Makaela, Kaela Kay combines African ankara prints as well as other textiles to create what Catherine describes as 'clean, classy and creative'. A native of Ghana based in Canada, Catherine started out as a custom sewing designer using a sewing machine purchased by her mother for her birthday. She taught herself to sew using a book and researching online while keeping her day job. Her first creation took her a month to make! But she kept at it and Kaela Kay was born!

Catherine's designs have been so well received that she recently showcased them at the 2013 African Fashion Week – New York fashion show. Though still somewhat new to the fashion industry, the Kaela Kay collection has shown itself to be sexy, vibrant, edgy and classy. The pieces are such that the wearer would feel in charge, confident and at the same time, command respect.

The story of how Kaela Kay came to be is truly inspiring. It shows that with pure passion and determination, dreams can come true! From one African woman to another, I salute you Catherine Addai; and I look forward to the amazing road ahead for Kaela Kay!

Check out some of gorgeous pieces from the collection…












































































































Meet Kaela Kay head designer Catherine Addai:


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