Could Stella Damasus Spit Fire If She Was In Nigeria?

By on July 24, 2013

Chances are you have seen Stella Damasus' viral spit fire video condemning the under-age marriage controversy. The message in the video was direct and blunt. Stella definitely expressed her anger, got her point across and spoke for many Nigerians. The question is: would she be able to express such personal views if she was based in Nigeria?

Stella is currently based in the US; she lives in New York with her husband. While I commend Stella for taking such a stand against such a dispeakable decision made by the Nigerian senate, her stance opens the door to discuss the issue of freedom of speech in Nigeria. As I watched Stella angrily call out the name of the influential Senator who was the force behind the decision made, I couldn't help but think about Stella's safety. Then she mentioned and called out the First Lady – Patience Johnathan – I cheered but then I gasped. I gasped because I know my country. I gasped because in Nigeria taking a stance and exercising one's freedom of speech could come with serious consequences. But why? In a democratic country, that should not be the case.

Most likely, Stella was able to boldly convey her passionate message because she is based in the US. If that's the case, at least someone spoke up against the under-aged marriage controversy and spoke up boldly. That is a great start! The challenge would be for Nigerians to exhibit this same kind of boldness on the shores of the country. For those in authority to be trained and open to receive constructive criticism. Why should someone be concerned for their personal safety just because they spoke up about their personal views? Maybe this step taken by this bold Nollywood actress would open the door to a revolution of freedom of speech in Nigeria. If you missed the video, here it is…



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