Ijé: The Journey

By on May 15, 2013

Movie Review by Jackie Opara


Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde , Clem Ohameze

The casting decision of the duo of Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Eke inde was on point, they’ve historically been typecast as sisters in many Nigerian movies and of course they usually captivate the audience with their faultless delivery of roles and that’s because they take ownership of every role they are given, I can almost call them a perfect union. The story sort of reminds me of prison break, younger sister doing everything including going to jail to ensure her sister gets free. (This time breaking out of prison wasn’t part of the plan, just in case you are thinking along that line)

One key thing, no two, which caught my attention at the first instance, is the message the movie is passing out. To stop rape and violence against women, and my surname *Opara* without the K. Anyanwu Opara (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) is a very ambitious young girl who is determined to achieve her dreams of becoming a great music diva in American especially so she can take her family out of the shackles of poverty. When crisis set in Chioma (Genevieve Nnaji) moves to America to rescue her sister and finds love in the process. I loved the romance thingy *winks*

This movie served as great entertainment with its vibrant cast and numerous exciting twists. I must say that much as I loved Genevieve’s costume in the movie I felt it wasn’t necessary for her to wear native attire in the movie, unless the aim is to further promote Nigerian fashion, I love Clem Ohameze delivery and the way he spoke the language Owerri language *nna ha gwa kwalghi oh* . Some of the actors are not known to me but they were all excellent—and I’m very comfortable with the directing style and the film’s dramatic tone.

The one actor that stole my heart is the Lawyer Jalen Turner played by Ulrich Que, I wasn’t too sure of his role delivery initially; I thought he was too mechanically until he hit it after a few scenes. It was fun and exciting watching the young Anyanwu and Chioma

There were a few times when the movie felt a bit drawn out, but the impressive dialogues really held me down and moved me to tears especially the part where Chioma (Genevieve) was encouraging Anyanwu (Omotola) to speak the truth and defend herself. That was a kicker for me, Nigerian movie move me to tears? Hmm, watch oh and see for yourself. I actually put it on rewind

My best phrase in the movie, ehm, I also put it on rewind ‘’ You think these streets are tough, come to Lagos, wa ri ran’’ This movie is worth a few hours of your time!
It was directed and produced by Chineze Anyaene





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