MR & MRS: Movie Review

By on May 9, 2013
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Review by Jackie Opara
Starring Joseph Benjamin, Nse Ikpe Etim, Barbara Sokey, Thelma Okodua
As far as I am concerned Mr & Mrs is one of the best Nigerian movies I have seen in recent
times. Particularly because I got to watch it over and over again, that is a rare phenomenon
for me. Truly speaking Nigerian movies offend me especially with unreal acting and the
abrupt ending that gets me wondering why they are always in such a hurry to launch out a
The basic frame is as follows: Kenneth Abah (Joseph Benjamin) is the rich son of the
petroleum minister, married to Susan Abah (Nse Ikpe Etim). Kenneth’s father got lucky and
was made the petroleum minister which totally turned their lives around and made Kenneth
so arrogant, he never fails to remind his wife of his status, he treated his wife so shabbily that
one can almost say she’s his maid, talks to her anyhow and practically calls her family poor.
And one day after a very harsh exchange of words Kenneth decides that divorce is the answer
to Susan’s problem since he feels she’s no longer happy being his wife. Kenneth with his
Mother (Barbara soky) and Susan goes to the Counsellor to get a confidential divorce which
Susan embraced wholesomely (she no longer finds life with him fulfilling, so she decides that
a drastic shake-up is needed. Thus, she decided to do the crazy) to her husband’s surprise.
He’s main aim was actually not to divorce her but to make her beg.! He got another thing
coming. Linda (Thelma okodua) on the other played the part of a successful career woman
who seemingly has a perfect husband and a perfect marriage. This part was so predictable;
no man will take the rubbish Linda displayed, leaves everything for the maid. She won’t cook
for him, she won’t sleep with him till she’s ready, and everything is according her schedule.
She always tells the maid to take care of the home and her husband and she indeed took care
of the husband in every way without fail!
The movie relied on the performance of the actors. Fortunately, everyone did their task excellently. Nse was outstanding and Barbara soky delivered the role of ‘THE MOTHER- IN- LAW well and the counsellor, Mrs Brown (Chioma Nwosu) was so impressive and this is one of Joseph Benjamin’s strongest performanceThe part where Kenneth Abah (Joseph Benjamin) brought his lover home and the way Susan
acted; it will take only God to act that way. Cook for your husband’s lover? Hmm. Anyway
that part is intriguing to me, I wonder if that can happen in real life,
‘I will soak you, I will wash you, and I will dry you and iron you and then you will not know
the way to LESOTHO’ my best phrase in the movie
One of the main question this movie raised for me was: Can I jump ahead that far, and
handle it well, like Susan did and get same result?
If you like movies that give you insight on how to deal with your relationship and to have an
idea of how to handle your partner when they misbehave, you'll probably enjoy "Mr & Mrs"
The movie was written and produced by Chinwe Egwuagu and directed by Ikechukwu



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