The Evolution of Dakore!

By on May 2, 2013

She's sassy, well spoken and to say the least, beautiful! She is Dakore Egbuson who now goes by Dakore Akande since she got married in January 2011. The amazing Nollywood actress is also the mother of a toddler daughter. Marriage and motherhood seem to have caused an evolution in Dakore as we've noticed that she has ditched her dreadlocks and now sports various weaves. Her style in fashion and makeup have also evolved as we understand she now works with stylist Zara Okpara.

The Ijaw native has since marriage being in hiatus from acting. However she recently has been making appearances as different events including the AMA Awards last month in Bayelsa State. She is said to star in the upcoming movie Journey to Self which appears to be a hit in the making! We look forward to seeing Dakore return to the big screen! Check out a clip of the trailer for her upcoming movie:



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