Nonso Diobi – Preparing For The Rainy Day

By on April 27, 2013
Nonso Diobi

Many veterans and also-rans who graced screens and posters across the continent and beyond are living poor. Could this be attributed to a reckless lifestyle or low remuneration? There is also the consideration of the possibility of misplaced interests. Nonso Diobi gives an insight into his plans for perpetuating his love for movies. "I wasn’t broke when I joined," he points out. "Like I pointed earlier, I did not join Nollywood because I wanted to make money from it. So when the money started coming in, as a young man who observes the environment, I knew I had to prepare for the rainy day. Also, if you love what you do, you will pay more attention to everything about it."

So, he was not only delivering the goods in front of the camera, Nonso paid a great deal of attention to the technicality and artistry involved behind the camera. "Crew members were my friends and from them I learned quite a lot." He did a 3-month course with the renowned New York Film Academy. Last year, he directed his first movie title, Streetz.

"I was preparing for the next level. I have gone from being an actor. I am a filmmaker." He has also invested heavily in filming equipment – from cameras to mics. "I have two fully-equipped editing suites and I keep investing into new equipment – provided they are affordable!"

He points out an example in Desmond Elliot who is now recognised as a filmmaker – with many movies under his directorial belt. "The older actors saw us coming behind, but they never thought we’d come up this fast! I learned long ago that in this industry it is ‘come do your part and comot’. You can’t be Number One forever. So, I ask, without criticising the older actors : when they were doing their thing, did they prepare for their exit? Did they move up from what they had achieved or did they step down?"

Clearly, the industry is laid out in a way to provide sustenance and relevance to all the practitioners, with room to annex other aspects as well.


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