An Accomplished Youngster

By on April 11, 2013

He is young, talented and successful – all the trappings of a modern celebrity. It is easy to put it all down to luck and the rapid growth of the entertainment industry in Nigeria (nay Africa). But Nonso Diobi says it shows that there is nothing God cannot do.

He started going for auditions at various productions and locations in Enugu – Eastern Nigeria. Finally, in 1999, he got his first acting gig in the movie titled, Hatred alongside Pete Edochie, Sandra Achums and the Daniel sisters (identical twins). Thirteen years later, he finished his beats in the unique movie idea, The Last Three Digits, where he met his match in the debutant, Dr. Sid (son of the late veteran actor, Justus Esiri). It was a dozen-plus years that has yielded a rich film repertoire of about 70 movies. A mean feat nonetheless.

"My most challenging role was playing Dozie in Across The Niger," he recalls. "It was also the movie that announced to the whole world that a new kid was on the block." Across The Niger ushered in a glut of roles in various productions for the young man. Yet his feet remained planted firmly on the ground. "That was the turning-point of my career."

Many more movies later, he did not know how big he had become until a certain producer called him on the phone. "I got a call to play a role in a movie," he remembers. "It was when the producer told me what he was willing to pay me that I realised I had climbed some important steps upwards." The said producer offered Nonso five times what he earned for his last movie role.

He was consistent and improved his skill – adding value to his brand, and it was no accident when leading telecommunications giant, Globacom, signed him on as one of their ambassadors. "That move by Glo to sign actors was the best thing that happened to the industry since its inception," he admits. The company made a clean sweep of top Nollywood acts and musicians and this has given the brand the much-desired visibility and exposure.

He must feel proud whenever he sees his advert billboards, though he is no stranger to this. Nonso had previously done adverts for a drinks company and a few other organisations. "But seeing my Glo adverts takes the cake!"

He seems quite accomplished and at a tender age. Retirement is not in his plans. Divesting into other businesses is an unthinkable exit strategy for him. Nonso is willing to move beyond what he has done already, for there are still many rivers to cross and mountains to conquer.

The last of five siblings does not forget his roots, and has brought the training of his infancy to bear on his adulthood.

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