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Today we celebrate people like D'banj and Psquare for breaking into the U.S market,
which is great. But there was a time when Nigerian artists found it difficult to cross over into foreign music markets.
Yet, Fela Kuti even post mortem, his life and music are being celebrated by some of the biggest stars
in Hollywood. .Fela, the musical is the true story of the legendary Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti, whose soulful Afrobeat rhythms ignited a generation. He was inspired by his mother, who was a civil rights champion. Fela defied a corrupt and oppressive military government and devoted his life and music to the struggle for freedom and human dignity.
In the words of Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, "I am so excited to be in the
world tour of the award winning Broadway musical of Fela. I wanted to be part of Fela
ever since I saw it on Broadway. The joy we will be experiencing is thoroughly like no
other. Fela is for all of us who believe that music is the universal language of freedom."
What an awesome statement from Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child.
Fela on Broadway is a musical tour of Fela's music and life in different states of the U.S. It is written 
by Americans and produced by Jay Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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