False Engagement Dallas Movie Premiere

By on February 22, 2013

False Engagement is humorously melodramatic. It’s a story of being in love with a person whose heart belongs to somebody else; a story of deception in relationships, disappointments, forgiveness, and hope.

The movie also portrays violence in relationships but strongly condemns it as the answer to problems couples may face. There has been news coverage lately of murders in relationships. What could possibly drive one to murder the one they supposedly love?  What would you do when your heart gets broken by the one you love?

False Engagement premiered in Dallas, Texas on Valentine’s Day 2013. Award winning actress Merlisa Determined joined film executive, Kelechi Eke and other cast & crew members for the premiere of "False Engagement" in which she plays the lead actress, "Amaka".  Merlisa has been featured in various movies such as  "Page 36",  The Land", "As I Die Slowly" and "Nicki: A hip-hop love story" starring  alongside hollywood actor Clifton Powell. The premiere held at the exquisite Venetian Theater movie bar and grill to a sold out audience. Some fans and supporters even stood in the aisles at the theater in support of the movie. As Merlisa puts it, "I was thankful and humbled to see the amount of supporters despite the premiere being on a weekday and on Valentine's Day. The theater was filled with laughter and entertainment, so what more could you ask for? It was a great night!"


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