Stripes and Bermuda Shorts Rocks 2013

By on February 16, 2013

  As the year begins, irrisistible fashion trends for ladies have made a huge come back. A couple of trends which will no doubt wow every lady this year, are stripes and bermuda shorts. Different designers around the world have showcased trendy and unique pieces using different fabrics, colors and shapes; to make every lady look fabulous. For 2013, bold stripes either vertical or horizontal are in right now. They have made a come back by adding a litle twist to keep things fresh and innovative. Designers however, have gone overboard with stripes on their runway looks: thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical, black and white or red and white; even in navy blue and white, aiming for a nautical flair. However, do not let the stripes stop at your wardrobe! This trend could equally look fabulous on the walls of your apartment. Pop your stripes with some bright colors.
  For a more slimming silhoutte, stay away from horizontal lines. Look for vertical or diagonal striped garments to go with the smallest part of your body. The popularity of Bermuda shorts comes and goes but it is definitely one of the trends that is wearable this season. They are highly comfortable, sexy and stylish at the same time; plus they can be worn at different occasions depending on their style. Professional Bermuda shorts can be worn to work with a cute top and a cardigan. It is a trend that looks good on anyone. Fashion shows are currently filled with denim, floral and neon Bermuda Shorts.  Whatever fabric you fancy ladies, just make those shorts longer.   Complete your look with statement shoes to let the world know you are still a little daring. Different fabrics and different cuts have been used to create a variety of shorts which were meant to suit the needs and trends of the moment.  The diversity of the bermuda shorts featured this season will allow you wear shorts at different occasions, casual as well as more formal.

By Oyindamola Lawal























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