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Nigerian born Nollywood actor, Best Davis, has always loved the craft of acting. He grew up as a member of his high school’s drama club and was also active in the literary and debate societies. These activities propelled him to the realm where he realized that he had to utilize his gift or it could be wasted.

He landed his first role in 1997 where he worked alongside Francis Duru in the film “Deadly Fate”. The film was produced by Cephas Zest Productions. The actor later auditioned for a TV series “Living for Tomorrow”, and secured the role of a young medical doctor. He later relocated to the United States where an actor friend, Sam Onwuka introduced him to some producers who were auditioning for a movie to be shot in the States. He met with them and was cast as a sub-lead character alongside Ramsey Nuoah, Regina Askia Williams and Ejike Okoye.

Best attributes his success to one special person – his wife! They have been married for 10 years and he says “my wife is not just my wife; she is my mother, my sister, my friend, my lover and my everything. She gives me a reason to live and I thank God each and every day of my life”. On what makes his marriage successful, “trust is very important in a marriage… we respect each other’s feelings, and of course, give and get feedback from each other. Besides God, the next person in line is my wife”.

When it comes to set intimacy, Best says his wife is his number one fan and critic. “She knows that it is my job, she sees it just like every other job, I go to work, do my job and then get out. Actually, she even tells me some times when I do certain things, that I was not real. For example, if  I’m assigned a kissing scene and I try to fake it, she will be upset with me when she sees the clip. She wants me to be very original and make people believe what I’m doing. In a nutshell, my wife does not have any problem with my career as an actor regardless of the role I play; as long as I’m trying to teach the viewers a lesson and conveying the message right. She gives me 300% support in what I do. In all honesty, if I was to come again in another world, I would look for her to be my wife again and without finding her, I probably will just remain single because I don’t think any other person will ever support me the way she does. She would sometimes inconvenience herself just to make sure I get on set whenever I’m filming. I respect her with all my life for that and will always LOVE her”.

Best’s view on Valentine’s Day is “I don’t consider Valentine’s Day a big deal; in the sense that every day is lovers day for us. I don’t see any reason why we should pick out just one day to celebrate our love for each other. I mean, it is a matter of individual feelings. I don’t have anything against Valentine’s day; people can have fun and enjoy themselves but as far as I’m concerned, I can celebrate lovers day with my wife any time”.


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