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By on January 28, 2013


One of Nigeria 's great talents, a Nigerian singer, songwriter and guitarist, Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, is indeed one dude with great achievement and currently at the tiller of an emerging alternative soul movement in Africa , and with great recognition worldwide.

  Having graced different magazine covers and inside column both locally and internationally including Essence, he recently added yet another one to his list of achievements by rocking the cover of Applause Africa’s December issue, 2012 joining a host of other inspirational, game-changing Africans in the first annual Applause ‘40 Under 40’ list. Amongst the inspiring Africans who have graced the cover is Grammy-nominated duo Les Nubians, Gbenga Akinnagbe of The Wire and The Good Wife, CNN and NY Times journalist Lola Ogunnaike, Tony Okungbowa of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and international model Oluchi Orlandi. The fashion-forward five-page editorial was shot by photographer Remi Adetiba – who is also on the list – in New York .

   Honoring innovators in fields as varied as media, fashion, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, the magazine officially debuts at the African Diaspora Awards on December 8, 2012 in New York . Bez also performed alongside fellow honoree and Icon Award recipient, recording artist Angelique Kidjo.

  Apart from the enormous achievements, his style of dressing is one that has stood him out in the crowd, loved and a great inspiration to many. His


Bez's world of style


Be confident

   The better you look, the more confident you will feel; it will help you adopt a more positive attitude about yourself and makes you feel about your total appearance. Wear the look with panache, or at the very least, a carefully-cultivated, slightly unaware expression. Part of geek chic has to do with the idea that others' impressions of you simply don't matter


Hat up

 He says, "I wear a lot of hat but I usually have to determine which one will suit which occasion and outfit."



Geeky spec

    Whether you need a prescription or not, geek glasses seem to be growing on everyone; one of my favourite celebs that rock them with their gentleman looks, with nice collard shirt or a suit is Bez. Geeky glasses can saw be worn with your favourite graphic T and jeans to dress them down, either way they make a statement and mix it up. Bez always look effortlessly dressed and his eyeglasses compliment his face shape; he proof to us that glasses aren't just geeky, but sexy too. He says, " I naturally wear medicated glasses, so to make it my style, I switched the regular one to the geeky look just to spice it up a bit'


Express yourself, Own your Identity

   What stands Bez out is his unique sense of dressing that is matchless and distinct him from others. Just like him, take pride in your style. According to him, "Style is just an expression of me, how I want to look and be seen. It is about what I like, the colour I fancy and how I want people to address me."

Handle your style

   A big part of your style is how you handle yourself and your day to day attitude. It’s not just about your clothing.


Fit is king

  You can buy the most expensive item of clothing, but if it doesn't fit properly, it's pointless. A cheap well-fitted suit is better than a badly fitting expensive one. Clothes that fit well will also make you feel more confident.  He says, "I would wear anything that fit as long as I can pick items together and they look good. I used to design while I was at the university, most of the time I get to style myself, but sometimes I realize that two heads are better than one.


Shop online

   When it comes to shopping, Bez loves shopping online. He discloses, "I shop online and have shipped through my people in the UK . However, make sure the new clothes you buy online are ones you feel comfortable in and one that will still suit your personality.


Stay trim

  Undoubtedly, all guys who look good and sexy have one thing in common, which is flat belly or abs. From behind they seem younger and from the front they look like a man who takes care of himself. A slimmer frame is far better than any surgery or wrinkle cream for looking younger. He enthuses, "I have fitness routine.”



Look Natural

    Don't hide under too much hair gel, dodgy highlights or dreaded fake tan. Never overdo it. Consult a professional, seek advice from your hairdresser or from somebody whose style you admire – women have been doing it for years.


Think retro

  Look Bez's style and adapt to look contemporary – the distance of time will allow you to be objective. Some of the most stylish men use this method to look individual, yet rooted in classic style. He explains, "My style is pretty laid back. I wear jeans and t-shirt with a little


oversized jacket





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