From Prison To Palace

By on January 26, 2013
Ibinabo Fiberesima

This is not the story of an ex-president, neither is it a fairy tale. But the story of the current Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) President, Ibinabo Fiberesima, has all the trappings of a Walt Disney classic.
Fraught with unsavoury stories – she was linked with Fred Amata and his split from talkshow host wife, Agatha. There was even a rumour about a lovechild. Then, she went underground, or so it appeared.
Not long, Ibinabo made the news again. The media was agog with the story that she had killed someone while driving. There was a furore over this initially, when it was perceived that she may not be prosecuted. Perhaps, the uproar moved the arm of the law: the delectable Fiberesima heiress had her day in court.
She was sentenced to some jail time. That was a humbling experience, and many would not bounce back from it. Not this woman. She not only returned to reckon, she squared up against men – notably the veteran and perpetual presidential aspirant, Emeka Ike – and won!
Like a phonenix, rising from the ashes, Ibinabo went from being a jailbird to the first female president of the controversial Actors’ Guild of Nigeria – taking over from Segun Arinze.
What she has lain out to achieve, only time will tell. Now that she has cracked the jinx, perhaps more women will aspire to hitherto unreachable heights. Thumbs up to Madam President!

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