Q & A With the Design House Aphropolitan

By on January 17, 2013

Stefanie from the fashion design house, Aphropolitan was nice enough to take some time out and answer my questions.

Look out for their 2013 line!

  1. What does socially conscious fashion mean to Aphropolitan?

For us, socially conscious means that we support and give back to the communities that we reflect and serve.  We source local materials and craftsmanship. We will always partner with local Nigerian artisans and retailers to create Aphropolitan’s designs.

       Our fabrics are primarily sourced in Nigeria, and the majority of our line is made and produced in Lagos.

  1. Who is the design house/designer(s) behind the line?

         We are a team of several designers to create our apparel and accessories.

  1. What was the experience like back stage at DC Fashion week this past Fall? What was the process like for picking models to represent the brand on the runway?

It was such a great energy rush…like drinking Red Bull but no side effects! It was a very great experience and the DC Fashion Week Staff are so well organized that everything was set backstage when we arrived. Picking models is no easy feat!  We now appreciate how the judges on American's Next Top Model must feel. There were tons of amazing models, beautiful shapes and swanky sizes. At the end of the day, we based our selection on alignment with our collection and overall brand image.

  1. What can we expect for the Fall/Winter 2013 line?

          We are still working through our capsule collection for the next season. But guaranteed it will be hot!

  1. Is Aphropolitan coming back to DC Fashion Week 2013?

         DC Fashion Week 2013 is being considered—it was a great experience for us.

  1. What is on the horizon for Aphropolitan? How do you guys plan to continue to evolve the brand and stay ahead of the curve?

         We plan to emphasize the details and essence of that which is style in our collections. Vibrant colors  and fabrics, with a little je ne sais quois…stay tuned!

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