Don’t Force Me to Marry! Help!

By on January 15, 2013

Dear Pam,

I am orphan and recently just became ordained as a Reverend. Also, I just turned 29. Now in African culture I am supposed to get married and have kids now. But I do not want to! I feel I am too young and I would like to serve the Lord first. But my Aunties are pressuring me as their brothers have passed and they want me to continue the family line. My cousin tried to speak up on my behalf by saying I do not have to get married now but her mom (my very bossy and traditional Aunt) quickly silienced her saying that she is too Americanized and doesn't understand the culture but that I will listen and do as culture requires. Pamela, is it a must for me to get married now? I saw my other cousin get pressured to get married and their marriage does not look happy to me…Any advice would be great.


Dreading walking down the aisle

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