D’banj’s Koko Concert Flops, He Apologizes to Fans

By on December 29, 2012

D'Banj hyped up his Koko concert as the most anticipated for the Christmas/New year season. However, his fans lit Twitter up with how disappointed they were in the concert. There was so much anger on Twitter that #D'banjflop was trending. Fans complained that the concert was set to start at 7 and started at 10:30 and D'banj did not even come on stage until 12:30 (when will Africans learn about African time?), D'banj's performance was terrible to boot according to fans, fans that paid upwards of 1 million naira for VIP tickets and yet they stood and did not get VIP treatment, and most importantly people had to walk a long distance to the venue. To add insult to injury before releasing an official statement from his Twitter account apologizing to all fans, he initially apologized profusely to fans in the VIP section only. Fans are now staing that the EME concert was better.

D'banj's apologizes on Twitter:



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